Lower energy costs by smart heating control with Maturix

Heating optimisation in a precast factory

Contiga, one of our first precast clients and the largest precast factory of the Nordics has been using Maturix for three years now. Contiga improved their productivity by lowering the production time of its precast elements > 15% while minimising their production waste. Now the application is extended to further optimize other processes related to concrete curing: The heating system of the precast concrete plant is now integrated into the Maturix system.

Maturix in precast

Reducing and optimizing costs

The production costs of a precast element depend on the material used, the overall productivity of the precast factory and the efficiency of energy usage. With Maturix, Contiga is able to optimize all the parameters through data and real-time insights into the curing process and using this knowledge to further improve the efficiency, productivity, lowering waste while cutting costs on energy spendings.

Energy costs in a precast factory

Heating of the precast lanes is a common practice in Scandinavia, as with the deployed heat, the concrete element cures faster as the chemical reaction of the curing is accelerated. However, the heating has to be equalised, as too much heat on the one hand, drives up the costs, while on the other hand, extreme temperature differences can result in a lower product quality with cracks. Thus, integrating the heating control while monitoring the concrete strength, offers huge potential in optimizing the costs.

Precast Factory


Current Status

The heating integration is currently being tested at Contiga in Tinglev, Denmark and will be completed later this year. The savings in heating costs achieved are estimated by 20-25%.
This integration enables cutting costs for each element even more while improving the productivity through faster stripping, eliminating waste due to strength monitoring and following the curing processes in an online software, where the data is automatically documented.
Contiga was one of the first precast clients in 2017 and through the close relationship and with their valuable feedback, we are now able to offer an even better product and are working on additional integration possibilities.

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Client since 2017
Largest Precast Factory of the Nordics
Owned by HeidelbergCement Group

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