Heat Management for Production of Hollow Core Precast Concrete

Intelligent control of heating

With Maturix you can optimize your precast production through real-time monitoring of the temperature history and strength development. And soon, you can also optimize your heating usage and lower your energy costs.

With the heat management add-on for Maturix Precast you can, in a smart and intelligent way, control the radiant heating used for the production of hollow core precast concrete.

How Does It Work?

The temperature and strength data from the curing process of each hollow core slab is collected and compared to the data from the heating system. By knowing the production and demolding time of the precast product, Maturix is able to assess and control when to turn on and off the heating inside the moulds and production lanes.

The heat utilization optimizes the curing time while reducing the energy consumption – providing both a more efficient production and significant cost savings.

The add-on and integration with Maturix is currently under development, but you can sign up to receive more info by filling out the form below.

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