Concrete maturity sensor solution

Concrete temperature and maturity with Type K thermocouples

Monitoring maturity with temperature sensors

Orbit K is rugged wireless device using temperature sensors for concrete maturity and strength monitoring and documentation. You simply mount the thermocouple in the concrete form work (attached to the rebar in the concrete) before pouring. Simply start measuring by connecting the connector to the Orbit K and you will now be able to remote monitor your concrete maturity in real-time. New data will be measured every 10 minutes and transmitted wireless without use of local devices to the cloud, where temperature, maturity and strength data will be available in reports

True remote monitoring

One of the challenges about monitoring concrete with wireless devices is to collect the data. We have designed our transmitters for what we call true remote monitoring. With this we mean that you do not have to once in a while to walked around to all your transmitters and collect your data from your different devices.

With our concrete transmitters you will see data is sent directly to the cloud without any additional use of devices. This means you can be monitor concrete at once place while you are located far from the concrete.

Real-time temperature & strength calculations

Everything we do is in real-time. Data is as a standard gathered every 10 minute and calculated for you into maturity and strength. The time from taking the measurement until it is ready in your report is a matter of a few seconds – this is what we call real-time.

Affordable solution with reusable transmitter

The Orbit K enables moving the concrete monitoring with thermocouples into 2020 powered technologies. The thermocouple method has proven itself as a reliable or proven method to monitor the concrete curing process. It had been used for traditional documentation using data loggers – thus lacking wireless real-time monitoring.

The Maturix solution combines the affordable, industry-standard thermocouple with a wireless transmitter using an IoT cloud solution resulting in real-time data accessible from anywhere. Maturix, the smart concrete monitoring solution is using the solution you already know and rely on today – the thermocouples.

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