Asbjørn Stålesen
Asbjørn StålesenProject Manager, Kruse Smith
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“Before Maturix, we planned, adjusted, and decided mainly based on our experience – leading to rather conservative decisions. Now, we can work and ensure safety based on data – and save time and money.” Asbjørn Stålesen, Project Leader, Kruse-Smith

“In terms of the size of the project and the distinct weather conditions we have in Norway makes the E39 highway project very challenging. Adapting project schedules continuously and aligning the workflow is key to the success of this project.”

Marius Røksland
Marius RøkslandProject Engineer, Kruse Smith
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“Maturix system is very intuitive and easy. It makes my quality control much faster than before. It saves me a ton of work and time, both in terms of collecting data and managing it.”

“Before using Maturix the main issue was that monitoring was a lot of work: we had to manually put start on-site, cross our fingers, and hope that the installation was correct because we couldn’t monitor the temperature in real-time. After three days we went to the site to get the data, plug it into the computer and pray that it was okay. So Maturix is really exciting, as it uses live data. We can monitor the development from the office, from the car, or wherever. Maturix offers a new way to do this and it saves a lot of time and money!

“You only have to install the cables, plug it in, and it is done. That is how easy it is to use and begin the process!”

Tomasz Dubrawski
Tomasz DubrawskiConcrete Quality Engineer, Aarsleff BIZ
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“We needed a ready solution and professional assistance with implementation. Both came with Maturix. We used two devices located in the area of lifting hooks to know the exact strength that is achieved there.”

“We were using sample cubes – but we knew the performance differs between cubes and the real element. We wanted to prove that we don’t have to wait 4 or 5 days just because the sample result says so.”

“We do temperature calculations and stress calculations regularly. We have to do it – especially for bigger elements as it is a requirement. It is theoretical, and the real graphs may look a bit different! It’s great to have some real-life data in real-time!”

“The system is easy to understand – also for people who haven’t used the Maturity Method and calculations themselves. It is made user-friendly and a lot simpler than described in all those scientific articles!

“We knew that performance differs between cubes and the real element – so measuring directly in the structure provides us with more reliable results. Also, the automatic documentation saves us a lot of time and effort!”

Søren David Halskov
Søren David HalskovProduction Manager, LM Byg
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“Using Maturix makes it much easier for everything to run online, and you can follow it from the office, home, or wherever you want. Furthermore, it is cool to paint strength and maturity, which can otherwise be difficult to estimate yourself.”

“Maturix gives us good documentation of when we can remove the formwork and gives us a good idea of how the temperature, strength, and maturity develop. Maturix is also fun as we can see how quickly the maturity hours are achieved!”

Viktor Hjelmgren
Viktor HjelmgrenConstruction Supervisor, Serneke
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“We are really happy with Maturix. Compared to other maturity meters that we used before, Maturix is handier! You take the cable, connect it to the device, and you’re good to go.”

Magnus Eckert
Magnus EckertOperation Manager, Serneke
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“Maturix provides us with insights we otherwise would not have gained – the flexibility of the application and the user-friendly usage convinced us.”

“With the insight in real-time, we feel confident to remove the formwork on time without additional waiting time. It supports us with keeping the overview on this extensive site and helps us to meet the deadlines!”

Jacob Rune Jacobsen
Jacob Rune JacobsenQuality Manager, Contiga A/S
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“The Maturix system makes sure to keep me updated. I can follow the process and don’t have to calculate over and over again!”

Klaus Haugsted
Klaus HaugstedConcrete Specialist, Contiga A/S
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“The Maturix system is extremely flexible and user-friendly!”

Luke Kani Zihni
Luke Kani ZihniTechnical Engineering Manager, CCL
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“Using the Maturix system we get an accurate, real-time indication of the concrete strength“

”With built-in features such as SMS notifications and predicted curing times, the system reduces reliance on the costly use of the conventional cube test methods of compression crushing to determine the strength at a certain point in time. It delivers cost savings and eliminates several risk factors to improve build quality and reduce future maintenance costs.”

John Carroll
John CarrollSite Supervisor, Skanska
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“First question on Monday morning: ‘Is it okay to strike?’ – So the first thing I do is look in the Maturix system to see the status. It’s great that you can easily check it anytime from your phone and don’t even need to be on-site.”

“Every time anybody asks you – Can you strike the formwork? I can easily check it on the phone and have an answer within 20 seconds. I don’t have to run to the site and back to the office. Maturix provides a very efficient use and makes our life a lot easier!”

“If you’re someone that’s out on-site a lot and you’re very much hands on the project, or the project is over a long distance, and you can’t be back at your desk in five minutes – Maturix is definitely the right choice!”

Stijn Konings
Stijn KoningsProject Manager, Besix
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“To gain 5 weeks on a civil project of 40 weeks is an amazing time and cost-saving action. I am definitely going to use Maturix for my next project as I believe it is the best solution on the market – very user-friendly and intuitive.”

“For me, it is crucial to be able to measure the concrete maturity or to be able to monitor the concrete strength in this project! As the shape is very specific, we ordered handmade wooden formwork. However, we have five arches and only one formwork – so we reuse the same one. Thus, a fast formwork removal is key for staying on schedule and reducing the impact on public transport. With Maturix, I have, on one hand, real-time insight into the curing process, and on the other automatic documentation, which is required for this public project. This saves us a lot of time and additional work!”

“Maturix has saved me at least one week per cast. With these five arches, it saves us five weeks in total by using the system.