How to Resell the Concrete Sensors as a Concrete Ready-Mix Supplier

When reselling wireless concrete sensors as a ready-mix supplier, we typically see three alternative business models in play. And we’ve noticed that they’re all working well!

Renting to the Contractor (Most Used)

The renting model is the most used model by our partners. A ready-mix partner purchases the hardware from us + pays a low monthly subscription. Then, the hardware is rented out on either a daily or monthly basis. The cost of running the Maturix solution often is around the same price that you would pay to perform break tests during 1-3 days.

Hardware Sale + Monthly Subscription

A second option is a cost-plus model, where the same business model is extended with a profit margin towards the contractor.

Added Price per m3 Concrete Supplied

A third option is to add the cost to the client as a variable cost, for example, depending on the amount of concrete supplied on the job site. This model nicely adjusts the cost/benefits for the client, as the client who uses the most concrete often obtains the most benefit, and thus has the highest cost.