Digitize Your Concrete Lab With Sensors

The sensors are not just for clients, but the concrete lab at your different plants can also take advantage of using sensors in their daily work.

Here are 3 examples of how we have seen our sensors in use in a lab:

Keep Track of Maturity on Specimens

Adding maturity sensors in the concrete cubes/cylinders enables you to track the age of the concrete.

Sms Alarms on High Water Bath Temperature

Both concrete labs in ready-mix plants can benefit from a simple installation of a temperature sensor with continuous information placed in the water bath. Then, the temperature can be monitored in a simple way. Temperature alarm limits can be customized (for example lower limit in 18C and upper limit on 22C) with SMS alerts in case the temperature crosses one of the limits.

Compliance for Climate Monitoring

In some countries, the standards require that the climate inside a concrete lab around the compression test machine is monitored. A simple way to fulfill this requirement is to use the Orbit 3 to have continuous climate monitoring. All data can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel if needed.