Why Choose Maturix?

Maturix is a combined sensor and software solution enabling easy, affordable and efficient monitoring of concrete curing. A cheap and thin temperature probe (thermocouple) is embedded in the concrete. The thermocouple is connected to a transmitter placed outside the concrete. The transmitter sends data directly to the cloud using long range technology called Sigfox. The data is stored in the cloud accessible by all devices with internet access. Moreover, it is possible to use the already available temperature readings to calculate concrete maturity and strength.

Having a wireless and remote sensor solution is an efficient solution to keep track of:

Having this information available in real-time enables you to:

How Many Temperature Sensors Do I Need?

The number of sensors required depends on type of project, structure characteristics and the requirements you may have. If it is the first time that you are using sensors, the best idea is to contact the solution provider and send them the structure plans, concreting schedule and other important requirements and they can recommend a certain amount. That said, when you get more experience working with sensors, it will become easier to estimate the amount you need.