Why use an external lab to do your concrete testing?

Independent third-party test results are often a method used by a general contractor or similar part in the construction to outsource a task that required specialist knowledge. By outsourcing the work to the external lab, the risk in case of a mistake occurs will in most cases be removed from the contractor and now moved to either the lab or an insurance company. The external lab will often have the required knowledge, testing equipment and accreditations to conduct a wide range of both national as well as international tests to comply with standards. 


As a client of a concrete testing company you often gain:

  • An deep understanding of the materials you access to and how and why they act as they do when casted
  • Ability to move the risk to either the lab or an insurance company as you can document you as an example proceed with the construction in good faith. 
  • Ability to make controlled procedure prior, during and after casting of concrete 


Ensure the quality of your concrete, aggregates and admixtures.