What is a concrete lab and testing firm?

A concrete lab and testing company offers testing of materials and accurate reporting of testing results. The testings are done either prior, during or after the construction has taken place. The purpose of testing the concrete and materials are to validate that the construction complies with the project specifications and to comply with required compliance documentation requirements. It is a vital part of the construction process to ensure the buildings and infractures have the designed specification for the environment they are placed in to ensure long term safety, performance and appropriate maintenance of structures. Use of inappropriate materials, methods or similar can lead to costly failure repairs and heavy maintenance of structures.

Work from concrete lab and testing firms might be a combination of work on-site as well as in internal labs hosted by the concrete lab and testing firm.

The concrete testing services are often offered to:

  • Building owners
  • General contractors
  • Engineering firms


A concrete testing firm testing firm often has deep competences both in terms of standard compliances as well as material / chemistry knowledge in terms of how a material is acting under various conditions. Sometimes they do also take a consultant role of supporting the client in development or improvement of example concrete mix designs. 

A lab does as well often have most types of testing machines in place and do regular calibrations on them. This could be following concrete testing machines, but not limited to compressive strength machines, concrete grinding apparatus, curing tanks for concrete specimens, slump test, climate rooms eg.