Reselling Technical Services

Reselling a wireless concrete sensor solution like Maturix is a good opportunity to expand the business offering to the same client. Moreover, the data that your clients gather might help you to answer some of the typical questions:

Maturix offers a solution with true remote data collection. This means as a lab you can keep track of concrete temperatures in real-time across all your projects in real-time. The sensors in the platform are easy to manage across various projects. People from the same company can access several projects using the same login if required.

Concrete testing firm

When a project is over, then this can be archived and the devices will become available so you can allocate them to a new project. Furthermore, all devices are marked with a unique ID and you can assign them a specific name. This makes it very easy to track which sensor is which. Below, you can see an image of our Gaia 200 sensor with its ID.

Gaia 200