How Do I Choose the Right Maturity Function?

Most maturity systems provide various maturity functions and we often get the question “Which one to choose?”. 

At Maturix we offer the following maturity functions:

  • Temperature-time Factor (nurse saul)
  • Equivalent age (Freiesleben Hansen & Pedersen OR Arrhenius)
  • Weighted Maturity (Vree)


These also happen to be the most widely used ones. Each of them provides a slightly different way to calculate the concrete maturity from the temperature curve based on different parameters. 

The most important factors to get a good result are to choose a function that complies with the regulations in your country and once you choose a function, do not keep changing it. This will ensure:

  • No differences in the calibration curve compared to what is done on the job site monitoring.
  • Build up trust and reliability in a single model.

Dominant Maturity Function Worldwide

Below, you can see a map representing the most commonly used maturity functions by country:

Maturity functions by country

North America: Nurse saul

Europe, Middle East and Africa: Arrhenius

Netherlands: Dutch weighted Maturity

Remaining world: mixed functions used

Our extended article on this topic is available here.