Concrete Maturity Terminology

ASTM C1074

Standard practice for estimating concrete strength by the Maturity Method. (1)

Calibration Curve

Same as the Maturity Curve.

Compressive Strength

The strength recorded from compression tests.

Curing Time

The time from concrete placement.

Datum Temperature

The temperature that is subtracted from the measured concrete temperature for calculating the temperature-time factor. (1)

Early-Age Strength

The strength within the first few hours or days after casting concrete.

Equivalent Age

The number of days or hours at a specified temperature required to produce a maturity equal to the maturity achieved by a curing period at temperatures different from the specified temperature. (1)

Final Strength

The required strength after 28 days.


In-Place Strength

The estimated strength of the field concrete.


The extent of the development of a property of a cementitious mixture. (1)

Maturity Curve

A curve presenting the strength-maturity relationship to be used for estimating the strength of the concrete mixture cured under other temperature conditions. (1)

Maturity Function

A mathematical expression that uses the measured temperature history of a cementitious mixture during the curing period to calculate an index that is indicative of the maturity at the end of that period. (1)

Maturity Index

An indicator of maturity is calculated from the temperature history of the cementitious mixture by using a maturity function. (1)

Maturity Instrument

A device that records the concrete temperature as a function of time and computes the maturity index in accordance with one of the maturity functions.

Maturity Method

A technique for estimating concrete strength is based on the assumption that samples of a given concrete mixture attain equal strengths if they attain equal values of the maturity index. (1)

Set Time


Concrete cylinders or cubes used for testing compressive strength.

Setting Time

Standard practice for estimating concrete strength by the Maturity Method. (1)

Strength-Maturity Relationship

An empirical relationship between the compressive strength and maturity index that is obtained by testing specimens whose temperature history up to the time of the test has been recorded. (1)

Target Strength

The required strength before demoulding.

Temperature Sensor

A device that is embedded in the concrete and is used to measure the concrete temperature.

Temperature-Time Factor

The maturity index computed from the measured concrete. 

Test Age

The time from concrete placement until the compression test.