How Much Does It Cost to Use Maturix as a Contractor?

So let’s see an example of how the pricing could look:

If you use one Gaia 200 for 12 months. This equals costs of 465€ for the hardware and the cost for connectivity and software would be 18€/device/month or 216€ for 12 months

The Gaia will be used for 6 monitorings/month x 12 months= 72 castings.

If you use our 10 meter probes and use 2 meters for every casting, then the cost for cables would be: 72 castings x 2 meters = 144 meter needed => 15 x 10 meter probes needed. The cost per cable is 20€.

So the total cost for conducting 72 monitorings in a 12 months period for this example would be 881€ or 12.2€/monitoring including all equipment and service cost.

Price comparison:


1 monitoring per 75m3 of concrete: 0.16€/m3 concrete used

Bluetooth Based Competitor

Averaging cost: 1.3-1.8$/m3 concrete used (costs per bluetooth units are usually 75€-185€)

Price differences

~90% cheaper per monitoring

This is of course just a case example. We know our pricing depending on lengths of cables, how much you embed and such brings our cost per measurement in total cost in the range between 3-15€.