Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which practice do you follow?
  • What kind of mathematics/calculations is your system based on?

    Our technique is based on the ASTM C1074, which is the most commonly used method to estimate concrete strength. Maturix computes the maturity index from the measured temperature history using a function developed by Danish Professor Per Freiesleben Hansen, which is based on the Arrhenius function to apply to concrete.

    The Arrhenius equation assumes that the rate of strength development follows an exponential relationship with temperature, and is internationally seen as more scientifically accurate compared to the Nurse-Saul function.

    Using the calculated maturity index and the strength-maturity relationship developed by laboratory tests on the concrete mixtures, the strength of the field concrete is estimated by Maturix in real-time

  • How do you calibrate the system?

    The system estimates the concrete strength based on a pre-determined calibration of the strength-maturity relationship. These data is developed from your laboratory tests for each specific concrete recipe. Adequate specimens should be casted, compression tests performed, and maturity measured for each test age.

    We advice you to follow the ASTM C1074 standard practice.

  • Is there any discrepancy/error detection in the system?

    Since the data can be examined at any time during and after the monitoring, you will be able to spot potential errors.

    The sensors are measuring every 10 minutes, so if you have connected the Type K thermocouple, but forgot to start the monitoring in the software after concrete placement, you are able to change the start time in the system and update the data.

    Alarm system:

    • Receive an alarm in the instance of:
      • High temperature (temperature exceeds set value)
      • Low temperature (temperature is lower than set value)
      • Maturity (set maturity value reached)
      • Strength (set strength value reached)
  • Where can we see the real-time data and monitoring?

    You can access and see the data from any device connected to the Internet:

    • Computer
    • Smart phone
    • Tablet


    You can also see the data as a customized dashboard view on:

    • Screens in your production facility
    • Tablet in your office
  • What languages do you support?

    We currently offer our software in English, German and Danish.

    If you need other languages, please contact support@maturix.com

  • How does Maturix estimate concrete strength?

    With our Orbit K sensors you record the temperature history (in real-time) inside the concrete element, from concrete pouring to desired target strength. These measurements are used to calculate the maturity index, which together with data about the strength-maturity relationship from laboratory tests are used to estimate the concrete strength.

Storage & Cloud
  • Where do you store the data?

    For the region of EMEA our data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany, where the legislation provides the highest level of data protection.

    For the regions of Americas and APAC alike data centers are available.

  • What is “the cloud”?

    The cloud is a network of servers. The data on the servers are accessed through the Internet.

Test & Implementation
  • How do you conduct training?

    In order to qualify a potential customer for Maturix, we conduct training sessions at your location.

    • For a start kit contract (testing), you should estimate six hours for an intro workshop with transfer of know-how and practical tests in your production facility.
    • For a roll-out contract (implementation), you should estimate one full day of training, compound analysis, and guidance on implementation.
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