Relative Humidity & Moisture Monitoring

Moisture Monitoring inside a concrete structure: Gain insights into the moisture status in real-time with wireless sensors

We developed a new system for state-of-the-art monitoring of relative humidity and moisture in concrete structures. The accurate concrete moisture meter system is a reaction towards the lack of accurate humidity sensors for concrete in the market as a cost-efficient solution.
We are currently in the final testing phase that we will be ready to launch the concrete moisture test kit in Q1 2021.

The sensor is designed for real-time monitoring of relative humidity in different materials. We focus on the application to monitor inside concrete – in fresh concrete, from pouring until flooring and on humidity monitoring after the concrete is hardened using the borehole method.

Gain real-time insights into the concrete moisture

Optimize the timing to start with the flooring installation

Quality assurance and control with automatic documentation


Relative Humidity in Concrete

Concrete moisture is an important factor in construction as a low factor is required to be able to start with the next steps without risking damages. This is particular important for the optimal time to start the flooring, as if started too early, the floor is damaged leading to enormous repairing costs. Thus, concrete moisture tests are required.

Gaining insights into the moisture development enables better project management as it delivers knowledge about the real-time status to align with e.g. subcontractors. With the system, you will know when the surface treatment or flooring can be started.

The continuous monitoring of relative humidity in concrete is a method for quality control and assurance. With the insight into the moisture status in the concrete, the timing of installation of floor covering is optimised and automatic reports are created for documentation.

Concrete moisture is, right after the strength, the second most important and critical variable for the whole construction project. It determines if we can start with the flooring - it's the bottleneck for the interior construction!

Humidity Solution

Concrete Moisture Monitoring

The traditional method to gain insights into the relative humidity monitoring status is a destructive and time-consuming task. It is the common practice is to drill a hole in concrete to then insert a humidity sensor. The data has to be collected onsite and transferred with a data storage device.

A common problem: Drifting of the sensor measurements

Drifting of the sensor is a common problem of the humidity sensors on the market. This means, that measurements get inaccurate due to damage of the humidity sensor when it has been exposed to too high humidity after a short period of time. This means, high humidity influences the accuracy already after a few days and the exactness of measurement can not be guaranteed.

We offer an embedded wireless solution which measures continuously and accurate the internal relative humidity in concrete.


Smart Real-Time Humidity Monitoring

We developed a waterproof concrete data sensor to wirelessly monitor the relative humidity in the harsh environment of construction. It monitors internal relative humidity and temperature from fresh concrete to hardened stages. The development was guided by the ASTM F2170 Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes. 

We overcame biggest challenge and developed a drift-free sensor solution allowing continuous accurate humidity monitoring also after the probe has been exposed to extreme humidity.

Humidity Probe embedded
Humidity process


Continuous concrete moisture testing

The moisture sensor continuously measures and transfers the data wirelessly using the international IoT network Sigfox. The data is then accessible via the user-friendly web portal from any smartphone, computer or tablet. You can set up alarms to keep updated and get notifications via SMS or email. This enables decisions based on real-time data as the optimal timing to start with the flooring is determined.

Who benefits from the moisture meter?

Waterproof hardware designed for the harsh environment onsite

Data access from anywhere via the user-friendly web portal

Alarms and notifications to keep updated

Why use the Maturix System?