Maturix® In-situ

Real-time concrete monitoring of your in-situ casts

Follow the concrete curing process of your on site casts
– anywhere at anytime

Maturix® In-situ provides you with a world-class documentation system that focuses on real-time monitoring of the concrete curing process of your construction projects. A complex and comprehensive task is extremely simplified.

Optimize planning and workflows

Automatic documentation

Follow the process from anywhere

Get rid of manual data collection

Boost efficiency at the construction site with Maturix® In-situ

Get started with intelligent concrete monitoring in minutes

Install Cable with Cable tie

1. Install thermocouple

Pouring concrete on site

2. Pour concrete

Maturix Transmitter

3. Connect transmitter

Web App on site

4. Start monitoring

Monitor all your casts with ease

  • Follow all concrete monitorings of your casts from one place
  • Compare the curing status across different measurement positions
  • Receive alarms to keep updated on the status
Floor #7 - Surface 62%
Floor #7 - Core Center 80%
Floor #7 - Bottom 71%
Floor #7 - Corner Top Edge 57%

Real-time concrete monitoring

Data and results are updated live every 10 minutes

Concrete curing time estimation

Automatic calculation of expected curing time

Overview of current and finished casts

See current, upcoming and finished casts in one place

Add casts in advance and be in control

Get the full overview by adding your planned casts

Cast report example

Cast reports with results from several measurements

  • See the concrete temperature history of your casts at different locations in one simple, visual graph
  • Hover over every data point to see the exact temperature measured at that specific time
  • Spot the lowest and highest concrete temperature plus the largest temperature difference
  • Concrete temperature, maturity and strength is shown in a simple way while allowing deep insights into the data

Compare results with Subreports

Create subreports using data from different devices

Track temperature differences

Keep an eye on the internal temperature difference with alarms

Local weather data integration

See local weather history and weather forecasts

Export data and print physical copies

Export your reports as PDF or CSV for easy sharing and documentation

Trully remote data collection with flexible wireless devices

  • Our devices bring together the best of both worlds: The newest global and wireless network technology and cost-efficient industry-standard concrete sensors
  • Reuse the wireless transmitters for every monitoring – no electronics gets covered and lost during casting
  • Maturix is an easy-to-use concrete curing equipment: You gain insights into the concrete curing in real-time with access from anywhere using IoT 
Maturix Smart Concrete Monitoring Solution

Global long-range wireless network

The world's leading global IoT network, Sigfox

Low-cost per concrete monitoring

Embed cheap temperature sensors in the concrete for a fast ROI

Durable and waterproof devices

All the electronics are safely protected in a tough box to ensure reusability

No need for external power-supply

Long-lasting lithium batteries gives flexibility and lasting transmitters

Real-time estimation of concrete maturity and strength

  • The maturity is automatically calculated from the recorded concrete temperature history using the most well-known maturity functions
    • Freiesleben Hansen and Pedersen (Arrhenius function)
    • Nurse-Saul
    • Weighted Maturity
  • Using the standard practice (ASTM C1074) with laboratory test data about each concrete mix, the concrete strength is estimated automatically

Standard practice for estimating strength

Find the concrete strength with the Concrete Maturity Method

Most common maturity functions

Use the maturity function and values you want and need for your cast

Fewer manual specimen tests

Estimate concrete strength of the in-place concrete and reduce concrete curing equipment

Concrete mix database for all your recipes

Keep all your concrete mix maturity curve revisions and keep the overview

Simple and easy online software

  • The intuitive and easy-to-use software works directly in your browser, which means that you can use it both on your computer and smartphone
  • All calculations and estimations are made by the system and is depending on the concrete mix data you enter
  • The software allows collaboration with other organizations across projects and different types of user roles makes it possible to determine whether people can view and/or edi
Maturix Quality Report

Access your data anywhere

The software is accessible from any Internet-device

Keep updated with alarms and notifications

Optimize your workflow with automatic messages

Collaborative projects with all partners

Get access across organizations to projects

Software in multiple languages

English, German, French, Russian - and more to come soon

And many other features like...

Protective carry case with everything required

IP67 certified and durable carry case in bright color

Installation guide included

Basic installation guide is included in the carry case.

Type K thermocouple as concrete sensor

Industry-standard temperature sensor

Online help center with user guides

Watch small guides and get easy help online

Why Maturix®?

Everything you need for complete insight

Monitoring construction projects and waiting for the concrete to cure is a labour-intensive process, where the installation of the sensors, retrieving the data loggers, transferring the data to a computer and analyzing the data takes the better part of a day.

With Maturix In-situ as an integrated part of your processes, starting to monitor the temperature and maturity takes less than a minute per sensor. All data is transferred wirelessly to the Sensohive Platform and analyzed automatically, giving you instant insight or alarms when concerns arise. You end up with top-rank documentation – and essentially building better buildings.

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