Pilot Kit Autumn Campaign

The Pilot Kit is your complete test package that includes everything needed to start monitoring your in-situ concrete live. Read more…

Be the first to try out Maturix™ In-situ before the official launch in Q1 2019.
This offer is limited to 50 Pilot Kits and is valid until end of November 2018.

Every Pilot Kit contains the following:
  • 1 x waterproof carry case for storage
  • 4 x durable wireless transmitters
  • Full cloud solution, incl. software license
  • 1 hour of individual getting started training (video conference)
  • Support, help and advice, incl. online user guides

After the Pilot Kit trial of 3 months you can continue using Maturix In-situ.
Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription at any time during or after the trial.

Remember to order type K thermocouples if needed. We offer calibrated type K thermocouples designed for concrete monitoring:
  • 1 meter – 10 pcs: 50€
  • 3 meters – 10 pcs: 75€
  • 5 meters – 10 pcs: 100€

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