CCL Scandinavia A/S

CCL Scandinavia is one of the leading companies in the areas of tension reinforcement, foundation and products related to concrete across Scandinavia. As they continuously invest in R&D projects, delivering Maturix Solutions for their projects helps them to continue to be at the forefront of the technology era. CCL Scandinavia offers a wide range of quality equipment and components for reinforcing and manufacturing concrete elements. Both Equipment and components are designed and manufactured for ultimate safety and performance. CCL Scandinavia is part of the CCL Group. We are working together with CCL Scandinavia in Denmark and Norway and with CCL international in the UK – please contact CCL directly, if you are interested in using our solution.

is our partner for
Denmark and Norway

+45 44 35 08 11

Bjarne Landgrebe CCL

"Engineered solutions in the construction industry involves so much more than materials, blueprints and workers. It involves expertise across all areas like post-tensioning, repair and strengthening and foundation activities.
We are proud to strengthen our expertise within the concrete business with a real-time solution like Maturix, that gives the opportunity to measure concrete temperature and strength.
Further we share values with the team behind the company and find the people involved easy to work with."

Bjarne Landgrebe, Managing Director CCL