Hyrde is the preferred partner that provides a complete IoT ecosystem including platforms, connectivity, devices, AI and services to help companies become more innovative, effective and productive. Hyrde’s vision is to be a global business enabler: the determining factor for reliability and effectiveness of companies and preferred facilitator in supplying and developing Internet of Things (IOT) solutions.

Hyrde has 4 focus areas: Products & Solutions, Living, AI and Telematics. Products & Solutions consist of environmental monitoring, condition monitoring (for example tunnels) and construction monitoring. Maturix is an example of a complete solution and product related to the construction area. The focus of living is mainly on smart homes and smart buildings, Telematics is all about asset monitoring, equipment and fleet management. With AI we offer smart solutions based on AI technology that is placed on cameras for detection. 


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The Netherlands

Arjen Visser
Sales Manager Benelux

+31 (0) 6 5069 0937

Hyrde Arjen

"Sensohive is for us a partner that provides a complete solutions that works best for in the construction area. From our experience we see that Maturix adds value on multiple levels. The real time insights gives our clients the ability to keep track of the work and progress. But the setup is easy and therefore not time consuming. Anyone can do the installation and that makes this product work very well! "

Arjen Visser, Sales Manager Hyrde Benelux