Kryton International Inc.

North American Partner and Investor

Kryton International Inc. is a global manufacturer of Smart Concrete®️ technologies designed to reduce risk and improve the performance of concrete. In the 1970s, Kryton pioneered crystalline waterproofing solutions with their Krystol®️ technology, which is now a proven technology that has the ability to self-seal micro-cracks and ensure waterproofing for the life of concrete structures. Then, in 2017, Kryton introduced Hard-Cem®️, an integral concrete hardener that substantially increases abrasion and erosion resistance. With such innovative technology, Kryton has changed the way concrete structures are built across the globe.

The company continues to pioneer and define best practices for concrete waterproofing and durability while working with leading universities and research establishments, as well as with their own research center — which is one of the largest research centers in North America.

Kryton is driven by innovation, and with Sensohive Technologies ApS’ partnership, together the two companies aim to give the North American construction industry a boost!

Kryton International Inc.

Kris Till
Technical Sales Manager
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“Sensohive’s Maturix™ technology represents a significant leap forward in construction efficiency and productivity. This partnership is consistent with Kryton’s goal of helping contractors build faster and smarter through innovation. It’s also an important addition to our Smart Concrete® brand. Smart buildings are not going to be built without smart sensors, and any major structure or project being built today starts with concrete.”

Kari Yuers, President and CEO at Kryton International Inc.