PASCHAL is a contraction name from German by PAtent SCHALungen, which means patented molds, and that is exactly what it started more than 50 years ago when the group’s founder, Josef Maier, patented a locking system for the casting cans that for many years was the company’s primary product.

PASCHAL was found in Steinach, Germany and now the PASCHAL Group offers formwork solutions internationally: The company has grown into a large and modern production unit and the small business changed into a large group with operations in more than 30 countries spanning from Western and Central Europe to India and across the Middle East. They supply formwork and support for full solutions to improve concrete casting.

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Torsten Schrempp
Head of Sales
+49 7832 7128


Torsten Schrempp

"With our mission and vision so focused on delivering comprehensive full solutions and ensuring that all processes run smoothly, Maturix Solutions are fitting perfectly. Sensohive team provides a great product and a great company to deal with. But the most important is that we trust the real data and feel confident to serve it to our customers that believe in our results."

Torsten Schrempp, Head of Sales


The formwork expert PASCHAL was founded 1964 in Germany. It has grown to an international business supplying flexible and high quality formwork solutions.