Maturix™ Precast

Real-time monitoring of your precast productions

Optimize your production

Maturix ™ provides you with a world-class production control system that focuses on real-time calculation of the strength and maturity of each of your elements. A complex and comprehensive task is thereby extremely simplified. Nonetheless, Maturix ™ is designed to be easily integrated with your existing plant operations.

Using the industry-standard K-Thermocouple to measure the temperature history of your concrete elements, our Orbit-K wireless sensors send the data directly to the cloud-without the need for Wi-Fi or network connection.

The data is transmitted every 10 minutes and analyzed immediately. Once the analysis is complete, all devices (smart phones, computers, and production dashboards) will be updated with the latest results and predictions. When an element reaches the target maturity, the dashboards will give green light to demold the element and the Orbit K-Sensor can be used again.

Increase capacity

Save time

Gain insight

Predict the time of demolding

Stop wasting time.
Identify slow productions.

Controlling the curing phase of a precast element is a complex task – and slight variations in heat or climate can prolong or shorten the curing time.

To minimize waste, capacity is sacrificed by adding time as safety margins to the curing process.

Maturix monitors the maturity of any element in real-time, so the exact curing time can be predicted.

You are guaranteed never to waste time on elements that are ready faster than expected – or throw away elements with a slow strength development due to (production) defects or faults.

Assure your quality

Documenting quality is essential to improving processes and understanding your own production. Monitoring an element is a labour-intensive process, where the installation of the sensors, retrieving the data loggers, transferring the data to a computer and analysing the data takes the better part of a day.

With Maturix as an integrated part of your processes, monitoring an element takes less than a minute per element. All data is transferred wirelessly and analysed automatically, giving you instant insight or alarms when concerns arise. You end up with top-rank documentation and essentially a better product for your customers.

Document production

Reduce claims

Increase safety


Analytics & Statistics

Optimization and efficiency is a daily headline in order to stay competitive. Maturix provides analysis and statistics about your facility and helps you optimize your production every day.

  • Are you using too much heat or not enough?
  • Could you improve your compounds to cure faster?
  • Or should it be slower and cheaper?

Since monitoring occurs on a daily basis, see the results of your optimizations immediately. The level of production insight provided by Maturix also allows you to make the right decisions about labour shifts, capacity usage, planning and investments.

Reduce your costs

By creating visibility into the curing process, knowing the precise demolding time, and making the workforce self-driven, we are able to increase the production capacity of a facility by up to 15%, while reducing waste by 35% (based on figures from current customers). At the same time, the risk of human errors is avoided.

This can be used to either increase manufacturing output or reduce costs of manufacturing while maintaining the same output. As a full-service solution Maturix offers everything required for monitoring an element.

Optimize heating

Minimize waste

Improve recipe usage

Manage workforce

High value. High ROI.

The cost of running Maturix typically represent less than 20% of the profitability obtained.
ROI is less than three months when fully implemented.

Selected Case

Read about how Contiga Tinglev, one of the leading precast manufacturers in Denmark, excels with Maturix.

Bring your production into Industry 4.0 with Maturix