Humidity Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring of Relative Humidity and Temperature in Concrete

The relative humidity inside the concrete is the deciding factor when the coating or flooring can be started. Monitoring the relative humidity and temperature in real-time with wireless devices makes it easy to follow the drying status from anywhere, with no need to revisit the site.

Humidity Monitoring
Humidity Monitoring

Remote Data Collection

The monitoring data is accessible through the web platform from any device with internet from anywhere.

Automatic Documentation

All data is stored in the cloud and can be shared and exported easily for a user-friendly reporting.

Reduce Site Visits

The data is monitored continuously and no extra visits on site are needed to follow the drying process.

How Is the Data Transmitted?

Follow the Real-Time Drying Process From Anywhere

System Overview Humidity and Temperature Monitoring

install the CMP5000 Humidity probe at the desired position.

Connect the CMP5000 with the wireless Gaia 220.

The measurements are sent wirelessly to the cloud through nearby Sigfox antennas or gateways.

The humidity and temperature readings are available in the web portal and the concrete drying process can be followed in real-time from anywhere.

Gaia 220 an CMP5000


Rugged Concrete Sensors

Gaia 220 an CMP5000

Use the Gaia 220 together with the CMP5000 probe to monitor relative humidity and temperature inside a structure.

The Gaia 220 transmitter is designed to withstand rough environments and the humidity probe convinces with accurate long-term reading thanks to the integrated Anti-Drift-System. The transmitter can be reused again and again and the CMP5000 probe can be either embedded or installed using the borehole method. 


Gain Insights Into Drying Process

Maturix Insitu Software

Just log in to the web platform and follow the concrete curing data from your smartphone or computer. The clear software structure makes it easy to keep the overview of the relative humidity and temperature status in the monitoring positions. Set customizable alarms to always to be updated in real-time when the required target has been reached to adjust the project schedule based on real-time data. Automatic documentation of the data makes it a great digitalization tool.

How It Works?

Easy Plug & Play

Humidity Probe Install

Secure industry-standard thermocouple with cable ties at the desired monitoring position at the rebar.

Gaia 200 & Type K Thermocouple

Connect the probe with the Gaia 220 and the device starts measuring the relative humidity and temperature indicating with the blinking LED.

Insitu Results

Follow the data in the software from smartphone, computer or tablet with internet. Set up alarms and keep updated on the drying process.


When to Monitor Relative Humidity in Concrete?

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