Gaia 200 & Type K Thermocouple

Temperature Monitoring

Real-time Concrete Monitoring with Thermocouples

Measuring and monitoring the concrete temperature provides insights into the curing: low temperatures, rapid temperature changes, or temperature differences between multiple monitoring positions can cause cracks, stress and reduction of long-term strength. Real-time monitoring ensures great product quality, potentially reduces heating costs in cold weather and allows you to stay compliant with thermal control plans.

Gaia 200 & Type K Thermocouple


When to Monitor Temperature & Strength in Concrete?

High rise building

High-rise Building

Infrastructure project

Infrastructure Project

Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction

Precast Production

Precast Production

How Is the Data Transmitted?

Easy Access to Real-Time Data From Anywhere

Install the thermocouple at the rebar.

Connect the thermocouple to a Maturix transmitter and it will automatically start sending the temperature data continuously.

The measurements are sent wirelessly to the cloud through nearby Sigfox antennas or gateways.

The temperature, maturity, and strength data are then accessible online from smartphones, tablets or computers from anywhere.

Sensor Gaia 200


Rugged Concrete Sensors

Sensor Gaia 200

The device combine a rugged wireless transmitter with an industry-standard type K thermocouple.
The transmitters are designed to withstand rough environments such as on construction sites and with multiple mounting options, they can be installed flexibly. The reusable transmitters are connected to an industry-standard type K thermocouple leading to the lowest cost per concrete monitoring for smart solution.


Effortless Concrete Monitoring

Just log in to the web platform and follow the temperature data from your smartphone or computer. The clear software structure makes it easy to keep the overview. Set customisable alarms to track the curing process and ensure efficient curing. Monitor internal temperature differences and act accordingly before cracks and stress occur.
 Automatic documentation of the data makes it a great digitalisation tool and its easy to comply with thermal control plans in cold weather or mass concreting applications.

How It Works?

Fast and Simple Setup

Installation Rebar

1. Install Thermocouple

Secure industry-standard thermocouple with cable ties at the desired monitoring position at the rebar.

Gaia 200 & Type K Thermocouple

2. Connect Transmitter

Plug the thermocouple into the wireless transmitter to start the continuous data transmission.

Concrete Curing Monitoring

3. Pour Concrete

Cast the concrete. Start the monitoring in the software to follow the curing process in real-time.

Maturix Precast Software

4.Get Results

Access the data in the web portal from anywhere and stay updated with customisable alarms.

Let's find out if Maturix can help you to boost efficiency on-site!