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Watch the customer interviews to learn more about Maturix and what our clients have to say about it.

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How Maturix Convinced Holcim Mexico With True Wireless Technology and Its Simplicity

Holcim Mexico uses Maturix to further optimize and digitize their concrete works. They got to know Maturix from an accelerator and together with our partner Kryton, they provide the concrete monitoring solution to their clients.

Besix Belgium Uses Maturix To Ensure Great Product Quality and Avoid Thermo Cracks

With real-time monitoring of the concrete temperature, Xavier Farina, Concrete Technologist at Besix, follows the curing process of multiple projects all over the world. Real-time data-access from anywhere helps Besix to control projects easier.

Maturix Enables Cost and Time-Savings On-Site and Is Recommended by ACI

Monitoring the curing process remotely with Maturix sensors and the friendliness of the system has convinced Victor H. Villareal, past president from the ACI (American Concrete Institute). They’ve been in contact with our international partner Kryton.

Why Holcim Belgium Recommends Using Maturix for Precast

Concrete Monitoring based on Concrete Maturity with wireless sensors enables real-time insight into the curing of the precast element for enhanced productivity, reduced slippage and automatic documentation.

Why the Walsh Group Chose Maturix for the SFPUC Headworks

Keeping updated on the concrete curing process with no need to be on site – enabled by Maturix. The Walsh Group can remove the formwork right on-time with no second guessing by monitoring the curing with wireless concrete sensors.

How Maturix Helps Besix To Cut Down Project Time at Draakplaats

How Besix uses Maturix at their construction site in Antwerp, Belgium where they renovated an ancient bridge. By monitoring the curing, they saved five weeks of project time and always knew exactly when they could remove the formwork.

Skanska Monitors Their Cast at the Healthcare Center in Malmö

How the general supervisor on-site uses Maturix and why he recommends using Maturix for real-time concrete monitoring: Watch the interview with the Swedish contractor Skanska.

Tallest Building in Scandinavia: Serneke Reaches Weekly Flooring Cycles With Maturix

By using Maturix concrete sensors, Serneke is able to reach their weekly flooring cycles for the Karla Tower – the tallest building in Scandinavia. The 245m tall skyscraper is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ferry-Free E39: Norwegian Highway Project with Kruse-Smith

Kruse Smith monitors the concrete curing process in its casts for the E39 Highway project along the Norwegian coast. Extreme weather conditions and mass concreting are a challenge in this extensive infrastructure project.

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