Why use wireless sensors instead of raditional data loggers?

For the past decades, traditional data loggers have been used to collect the data from the thermocouple sensors. This is also a great option, but a significant amount of the benefits are missed due to the lack of real-time data gathering.

A typical process when using a traditional data logger is to collect the data logger after the concrete has cured. The data is then transferred through USB or similar to a PC and all raw data is then available in a CSV/Excel sheet – maybe a PDF report. Then data is analyzed and setup in a report ready for the system and people in the organization. You have an overview of how the concrete casting went. The challenge? You are not able to follow the curing and react proactive on challenges and to know when your concrete has finished curing.

So by enabling your concrete temperature in real-time by a system like our Orbit and combining that with a data analysis solution like Maturix, you will be able not just monitor the concrete temperature in real time, but also have PDF reports ready in real time and data directly on dashboards.


maturix - wireless concrete monitoring solution