The Maturix System

The Maturix system is a solution for intelligent temperature and strength monitoring in concrete. The system enables you to see the temperature and strength development in real time from any device. This gives you the opportunity to know exactly what is happening inside your concrete and how fast your concrete is curing.

The Maturix system consists of one or multiple transmitters, sensor/s and an online platform. Sometimes, a Sigfox gateway can be added to the system to improve the network coverage. We offer two different online platforms, Maturix In-situ, for in-situ castings and Maturix Precast, for precast factories. You can see a diagram of the full system below:

How Does It Work?

The Maturix system offers a fast and simple installation once the online platform has been set up and you have a maturity calibration (only relevant for strength monitoring).

Online Platform

1. Set up your project in the online platform

Keeping up the speed

2. Install the thermocouple

3. Connect the transmitter

4. Pour the concrete

5. Get results in real time