Maturix Sensors and Software
for Precast Concreting

Maturix is our sensor and software solution for intelligent temperature monitoring in concrete. Maturix enables clients to remote and wireless collect vital temperature data and calculates every 10 minutes what the concrete maturity and strength are. This enables our clients to know exactly where they are in the curing process and at what speed they are curing at the moment.
The transmitter measures temperature directly in the concrete using a thermocouple. Data is transferred via an (optional) Gateway to the cloud. The data can be accessed in real-time online via a web portal from any PC, smartphone or tablet.

Real-Time Data on Dashboards in Production

You can optimize your workflow based on real-time data. You can increase the capacity and even plan further ahead. The dashboard shows exactly how far the curing is and how much time is left for the curing (prediction of the remaining curing). The risk of too early concrete stripping/formwork removal resulting in waste is reduced while the product quality is enhanced. Automatic reports make Maturix also a powerful digitalization and documentation tool.