• (New) When creating a new monitoring, it is now possible to add a “no data” alarm as part of the creation process. This alarm will notify you if there is no data coming in within a 60 minutes span. You can choose to assign this alarm to multiple users from within the project, or have it assigned to yourself even if you are not part of the project.

User roles:

  • (New) You are now able to change the user role on an invite until this is consumed.


  • (New) When creating a new project, it is now possible to select a location by clicking the map. So if you are doing a project that is outside of normal road signs, you can place a marker as the location.


  • (New) You can now request access to an API which will give you access to fetch data from your project and casts. This makes it possible to import the current live status of your casts and projects to internal BI solutions.