• (Improvement) You can now activate notifications (alarms for no data, for target or for temperature) while creating a monitoring. Before, this was done by, first, creating the monitoring and then, creating the alarms from the Cast view. 
View of monitoring menu
  • (Improvement) It is also possible to add a delayed start to the monitoring. When starting the monitoring, the start time will be set to the amount of minutes in the future that you selected (e.g. 60 minutes). This is especially useful when starting large casts with several hours of pouring.


  • (Improvement) It is now possible to include planned devices when copying a cast. 
  • (Improvement) You can now copy a finished cast.
  • (Improvement) Now, it is possible to start all the cast’s monitorings at once. For this option to work, it is required that each monitoring has an available device assigned to it. If one or more planned devices are being used for another monitoring, the monitorings will not start and you will need to start each of them individually.


  • Subscriptions are now being managed and enforced through the software. All devices need to have an active subscription in order to be used on new monitorings. Read more about it in our Subscriptions article.