Get Valuable Insights About Your Concrete

Reselling the Maturix sensors to the job sites is not just a gain to the contractor, but it could also benefit you. The data could be used for internal learning of how your concrete mixes cure under various conditions. 

As mentioned, the Maturix sensors provide data from the in-place concrete casted on job sites. All reports are done automatically and also included a weather data report. Clients also have the opportunity to add our Orbit 3 climate sensor to monitor ambient temperature and humidity. 

Gaining Concrete Curing Learnings With Sensors Enables:

Help to Improve and Develop New Concrete Mixes

Over time, you will have gained an extensive database on how different concretes in various structures behave.

Understanding the Impact of Concrete Admixtures

Adding different admixtures like accelerators or retarders can have a huge impact on the curing. Sensors will display this impact and enable you to understand the impact.

Improved Answers to Contractors on Expected Curing and Drying Time

We are experiencing that many ready-mix suppliers are often getting questions about how the concrete is curing and what the contractor could expect. The sensor is a nice and easy way to explain this.

There is, in other words, plenty of opportunities in keeping track of many parameters on the job sites and automatically. Everything is done easily, remotely and independent of people involved in the monitoring and reporting of data – how easy is that?