How to work with concrete sensors as a testing firm?

We are working with concrete labs and material testing laboratories globally. Many of these labs do see a natural extension of:

Reselling remote technical services

Reselling a wireless concrete sensor solution like Maturix is a good opportunity in expanding the business offering to the same client. Have the data might even help you answer some of the typical questions from the clients like: 

  • What is my current concrete in-place strength? 
  • How do I ensure in-place strength in comparison with concrete specimens? 
  • What is the relative humidity of my concrete? 


Maturix offers a solution with true remote data collection. This means as a lab you can keep track of concrete temperatures in real-time across all your projects in real-time. 

The sensors in the platform are easy to manage across various projects. People from the same company can access several projects using the same login if required. 

When a project is over, then the project is archived and devices are now able to be allocated to a new project. All devices are marked with a unique ID 

Reselling remote technical services

The sensor is not solely intended to be in use on construction sites for clients, but there is also a way to gain benefit using sensors in the concrete laboratory. 

Examples on use cases on labs:

Maturity monitoring on specimens

Sensors can help you keep track of your specimens. The temperature sensors Gaia 200 can measure and transmit in real-time and then the maturity will be calculated automatically. This means you always have the ability to know the maturity age and can create an alert when a certain maturity level is reached.

Water bath temperatures

You can use the Gaia 200 to keep control of the water bath temperatures. Placing a probe in the water bath will enable continuous monitoring with SMS alarms. If you want to keep the water bath temperature around 20C, then alerts would usually be set at 18C and 22C.

Climate monitoring in labs

The Orbit 3 can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity. Documentation will always be available on the platform and you will be able to setup SMS alerts on both high and low levels of both temperature and humidity.