Internal Use in Lab

Our Gaia 200 can enhance the day-to-day operations at your concrete laboratory or testing facility. Some examples of use cases on labs are:

Maturity Monitoring on Specimens

Sensors can help you keep track of your specimens. The Gaia 200 can measure temperature and transmit it in real-time. Then, the maturity will be calculated automatically. This means you always have the ability to know the maturity age and can create an alert when a certain maturity level is reached.

Water Bath Temperatures

You can use the Gaia 200 to keep control of the water bath temperatures. Placing a probe in the water bath will enable continuous monitoring with SMS alarms. If you want to keep the water bath temperature around 20°C, then alerts would usually be set at 18°C and 22°C.

Climate Monitoring in Labs

The Orbit 3 can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity. Documentation will always be available on the platform and you will be able to set up SMS alerts on both high and low levels of both temperature and humidity.