Limitations of Concrete Maturity

Concrete Maturity

The maturity method has proven to be a reliable and easy to use method to estimate the development of early concrete strength. Every test method has its limitations, so below you can see a list of the most relevant limitations we have experienced working with concrete sensors on +1000 projects across 6 continents (we are still missing Antarctica). 

  1. A calibration curve needs to be done prior to concrete casting for every concrete mixture that you plan to use. 
  2. Low moisture content and availability of water during the curing process can affect the precision of the strength estimations. 
  3. High temperatures can affect long term strength estimations. This is due to something called the cross-over effect. This effect causes the strength to increase faster than expected at the beginning but then results in a lower than expected 28-days.


Do you want to know all the limitations? Please check out our in-depth article here: