The Sigfox Access Station Micro (Sigfox Gateway) is a wireless communication hub that transfers data from the Maturix transmitters to the Internet. It connects to the cloud through existing LAN infrastructure or using cellular networks.

The Sigfox Gateway establishes instant network coverage at your job site, allowing you to use Maturix at locations with no or limited Sigfox reception. This gives you continuous real-time data at any time, from anywhere.

A single gateway covers most construction sites and is capable of collecting data from all of your Maturix devices on site. The maximum signal range between gateway and transmitters is up to 3 km depending on the conditions*

Readings from the transmitters are automatically collected by the Sigfox Gateway, uploaded instantly, and stored in the cloud. You can view the data right away in the Maturix software – and receive alarms about important temperature or strength values.

The Sigfox Gateway is available in two versions: A standard version (targeted precast plants) and a portable version with the gateway placed inside a protective suitcase (great for job sites). Both versions can be pre-setup to work out of the box.

How It Works

The Sigfox Gateway is an important component of the Maturix system. It bridges the gap between the transmitters and the cloud in areas with no or limited Sigfox coverage. 

  1.  The Maturix transmitters wirelessly send data (Sigfox radio messages) 

  2. The Sigfox Gateway receives the messages and forwards them to the Internet (through a network cable or cellular networks via a SIM card dongle)

  3. The data is stored in the cloud – and is available in the Maturix software

Good Sigfox coverage is required for the Maturix system to work. The Sigfox Gateway creates coverage where you need it!