Wireless signal range using the Sigfox Gateway

Last update: 07/04/2021
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This article will discuss the range of the Sigfox Gateway.

It is difficult to state the exact range of the Sigfox Gateway, since this depends on many factors and conditions. Some of these are:

  • Line-of-Sight between transmitter and gateway is preferred
  • Height of gateway (The higher, the better)
  • Number of obstacles/walls/structures between transmitter and gateway
  • Other radio network equipment in close proximity

Our experience is that the range of the Sigfox Gateway is up to 3 km.

If you are at a job site with a lot of obstacles between the gateway and the transmitters, then the range is likely less than 500 meters.

We recommend placing the Sigfox Gateway as close as possible to the Maturix transmitters, ideally high up with a direct line-of-sight and with few obstacles in between for the best wireless signal range.

See the coverage overview and recommendation by IoT Denmark: Sigfox coverage and recommendation when using Micro Base Stations