What is the Orbit K?

The Orbit K is an electronic device that records temperature and wirelessly sends it to the cloud. The temperature is measured using type K thermocouples and the readings can be viewed online in one of our web portals.
It can be used for concrete temperature monitoring as well as strength and maturity monitoring.

How is the data transferred to the cloud?

The data is sent using Sigfox. Sigfox is a wireless network designed to connect smart devices to the cloud. It benefits from longer range than Bluetooth and WiFi, and you can set up a Sigfox Gateway at your job site to create coverage – even at remote locations.

Do I need to be at the job site to access the data?

No – and that is the smart thing! You can access the temperature readings from your computer or smartphone at any time, anywhere. Once you have installed the equipment, you can follow the temperature and strength development online in real-time.

How is the installation done?

Installation is quick and simple. Secure the thermocouple to the rebar, connect it to the Orbit K, and place the transmitter at a secure location. When a thermocouple is connected, the Orbit K transmits data every 10 minutes automatically.

What is embedded into the concrete?

It is only the inexpensive thermocouple that is embedded into the concrete. The Orbit K is mounted next to the cast and can be reused for multiple monitorings. This not only gives a great flexibility, but also keeps the costs per monitoring down. 

What is the battery lifetime?

The battery lifetime depends on the usage and the conditions. When the thermocouple is inserted 24/7, the battery lifetime is up to 8 months. We guarantee 20.000 measurements or 8 months operation (whichever comes first).

How many sensors do I need?

This depends on the project. The Orbit K is a single-channel transmitter, which means that you can connect one thermocouple per device. Consider the amount of monitoring positions you will need to measure (at the same time) and you know how many devices you will need.

What is the price?

We are happy to talk about your project and needs. Contact us or one of our distributors to receive a tailored offer.

Why should I choose Maturix?

Maturix is one of the most advanced solutions for wireless concrete monitoring, yet very intuitive, and is being used by leading companies within the construction industry worldwide. The combination of inexpensive thermocouples being casted into the concrete, and long-range wireless transmitters that can be used multiple times, gives a very cost-effective system that quickly returns your investment.

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