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  • What is Maturix™?

    Maturix™ is a simple solution for monitoring the concrete hardening process live. Durable hardware, simple online software and true wireless connectivity all combined into an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool.

    Maturix™ measures the concrete temperature and automatically estimates the concrete maturity and strength – to be followed online at any time!

  • Do you cast everything into the concrete?

    No, it is only a piece of type K thermocouple that is embedded into the concrete. The Maturix™ transmitter is reusable and is placed outside the concrete and can be used for monitoring multiple castings.

Maturix™ Transmitter
  • How often is data sent?

    When a type K thermocouple is connected to a transmitter, it measures and transmits a temperature reading every 10 minutes.

    When no thermocouple is connected, the transmitter is in standby mode, and sends a status message every 6 hours.

  • How is data transferred?

    The Maturix™ transmitters send temperature data to the cloud using the wireless IoT network, Sigfox.

    It is important that there is Sigfox coverage at the location where you will be monitoring, otherwise, the data will not be received and stored in the cloud. You can easily create coverage by installing a Sigfox Gateway.

  • Do the transmitters store the data?

    No, the transmitters do not store any data. After the temperature has been measured, the reading is immediately transmitted using Sigfox. Therefore, if you are in an area with limited or no Sigfox coverage, the reading might not be received. However, you can easily create coverage by installing a Sigfox Gateway – and all the readings will be received and stored in the cloud.

  • How long is the battery life?

    The battery life is around 8 months when used 100% of the time (cable always connected) and around 15 months when used 50% of the time.

    Battery life depends on mode, operating temperature, and frequency of transmissions. The standard configuration gives a lifetime of up to 8 months with a thermocouple inserted 24/7. We guarantee 20.000 measurements or 8 months of operation (whichever comes first).

  • Can I change the batteries?

    You can’t change or replace the batteries. The transmitter contains high-quality, industrial lithium batteries, which are non-rechargeable and non-replaceable.

    We can help swap the batteries in your devices to new and fresh cells. Contact your reseller regarding battery service.

  • Where can I see the remaining battery life?

    You can’t see the remaining battery life, as the lithium batteries in the transmitter have a discharge curve with limited drop in voltage prior to its end of life. Therefore, if you see the icon below under your list of devices, then the device has sent more than 20.000 transmissions, and we advise that you send the devices to service for changing the internal batteries.

    Contact your reseller to coordinate the refurbishment and battery service of your devices.

  • Is the transmitter waterproof?

    Yes, the Maturix™ transmitter is dust- and waterproof.

  • Where do I check the data?

    The data is presented in one of the two web portals: Maturix™ In-situ or Maturix™ Precast.

  • Do the transmitters work if there is no Sigfox coverage?

    No. Good Sigfox coverage is required for the system to work. If there is no connectivity, the transmitted data will not be received, and the data will be lost. However, you can easily create coverage by installing a Sigfox Gateway.

  • Where is the data stored?

    The data is stored in the cloud. Once the temperature has been measured, the Maturix™ transmitter instantly sends the reading to the cloud. When the data is received, it is stored in the cloud, and can be viewed in the web portal.

  • Do I have to manually go and collect any data?

    No, the data is automatically transmitted to the cloud using the Sigfox network – and you can follow the data from anywhere, at anytime, from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Do I lose the transmitter after each monitoring?

    No, you can reuse the transmitter several times. It is only the disposable thermocouple that is embedded into the concrete. The transmitter is not poured over by concrete and lost, but is securely mounted next to the monitoring position, and can be used again and again.

  • When do the transmitters start working and send data?

    When you connect a type K thermocouple to the transmitter, it will automatically start measuring the temperature and send the readings to the cloud.

  • Which thermocouples can I use?

    You can use type K thermocouples with the Maturix™ Transmitters.

    Other types of thermocouples are not supported.

  • Can I reuse the thermocouple?

    Yes. Remove the insulation at the end of the cable, twist the two conductors tightly around each other, and put some heat shrink around to avoid wrong readings.

  • How long thermocouples do you sell?

    We offer ready-to-use type K thermocouples in 1, 3, 5, and 10-meter lengths. We also offer 100-meter rolls and spare connectors, so you can cut and assemble the cables in your desired lengths.

Sigfox Network
Sigfox Gateway
  • How do I get access to the software?

    You can access the software from your browser. The link depends on your version:

    Login to Maturix In-situ here: insitu.maturix.com
    Login to Maturix Precast here: app.maturix.com

    The software is a web application and can be accessed from anywhere on any Internet-enabled device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.).

    You can only login if you already have a user account. Contact your administrator or Maturix reseller to get access.
    We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.
    We recommend that you save the link in your bookmarks bar and/or on your desktop for easy access.

  • Can I set up alarms?

    Yes. You can receive an alert in a number of different situations:

    • Temperature goes above or below a specific value
    • Temperature difference exceeds a specific value (only Maturix In-situ)
    • Strength exceeds a specific value
    • Maturity exceeds a specific value
    • Data is not being received or disconnected cable after a specific time (only Maturix In-situ)
  • How many alarms can I create?

    You can add as many alarms as you would like.

  • How many users can be created?

    You can invite as many users as you would like.

  • Can I access the software on my smartphone?

    Yes. You can access the software from your smartphone.

    Maturix™ In-situ: Website (access from browser) + App (Android) + App (Apple)
    Maturix™ Precast: Website (access from browser)

    Only some functionalities are available when visiting the software from your smartphone.

  • How long can I access the data?

    You can access your data for at least 3 years (after the report has been finished) – required that you are still a customer.

  • Which languages are available?

    The Maturix™ online software is available in these languages:

    Maturix In-situ:

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Coming next: Spanish

    Maturix Precast:

    • Danish
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Portuguese (BR)
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Coming next: Spanish

    If you have a request for a specific language, please contact support@maturix.com

  • Can a device be added to both Maturix™ In-situ and Maturix™ Precast?

    No, you cannot have a device showing data in both Maturix™ In-situ and Maturix™ Precast at the same time.

    We recommend that you choose the software version that fits with the type of concrete operations you do.

  • I don’t receive data from my devices. What to do?

    If you don’t receive any data start by making sure there is Sigfox connectivity at your location. You can check the estimated Sigfox coverage at your location using coverage.sigfox.cz or coverage.iotdk.dk/en

    We always recommend to set up a Sigfox Gateway on-site unless you have excellent Sigfox coverage at your location.

    If there should be coverage, check that the thermocouple is correctly inserted and assembled correctly. Double-check with another cable if needed.

    If the device is still not working, then contact your reseller for technical support.

  • I have a broken device. What to do?

    If you have a device that is broken, immediately stop using it and contact your reseller for support/service.

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