Intelligent real-time concrete monitoring

WIth Maturix you gain insights into the concrete curing and drying process with live data monitored directly inside the structure.

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Maturix In-situ

Free software trial for 14 days

You now have the chance to try our In-situ software with real-time data for 14 days free of charge.

Read about In-situ software here.

Why choose Maturix for concrete monitoring?

Better scheduling

You can adjust the timeline based on real-time data thanks to precise insights into concrete behaviour. This provides deep knowledge about the status - saving time and money.

Remote data collection

Follow the results from anywhere at any time. The wireless sensors send the data to the cloud, and you can access the data from any device with the internet, regardless of location.

Automatic documentation

All monitored data is automatically saved as online reports to share, export, and download for automatic digital documentation and quality assurance reporting.

We gain trust among our customers

We have customers worldwide, and our hearts get a little bigger whenever one expresses happiness over our products.

“We are really happy with Maturix. Compared to other maturity meters that we have used before, Maturix is way handier! You take the cable, connect it to the device, and you’re good to go.”

Viktor Hjelmgren

Viktor Hjelmgren

Construction Supervisor, Serneke

“To gain 5 weeks on a civil project of 40 weeks is an amazing time and cost-saving action. I am definitely going to use Maturix for my next project as I believe it is the best solution on the market.
Stijn Konings

Stijn Konings

Project Manager,

“First question on Monday morning: ‘Is it okay to strike?’ – First thing I do is look in the Maturix system to see the status. It’s great that you can check it anytime from your phone and don’t even need to be on-site.”
John Carroll

John Carroll

Site Supervisor,

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Get to know the products

We’ve designed, tested, and manufactured products specifically for use in the construction industry. Fortunately, this qualifies us as experts on the products you’re considering.

Are you convinced of our products? Then request a quote. Are you still in doubt about whether Maturix is the right choice for you? Then request a demo and get a free online meeting with one of our Maturix experts.

Get in contact with Casper, Tobias, or Alina

You can contact Casper, Tobias, or Alina by phone, email, or LinkedIn if you want help finding out whether Maturix is the right solution for your project.

Casper Harlev at Maturix

Casper Harlev

tel: +45 88 44 17 80

mail: [email protected]

linkedin: /casperharlev/

Tobias at Maturix

Tobias Ejersbo

tel: +45 88 44 17 81

mail: [email protected]

linkedin: /tobiasejersbo/

Alina at Maturix

Alina Hurciuc

tel: +45 88 44 17 85

mail: [email protected]

linkedin: /alinahurciuc/