Smart concrete sensors
vs. data loggers

Data loggers and Maturix are both based on the principle of Concrete Maturity. For the past decades, traditional data loggers have been used to collect temperature data with thermocouple sensors.

Using data loggers is a reliable method to follow the concrete curing process but a significant amount of benefits are missed due to the lack of real-time data and manual data collection.

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How to use data loggers for strength estimation

With the traditional method, the data is logged with the device and for each measurement point, you have to manually collect the log on a data medium, commonly a USB stick, plug it into a computer, read out the raw data, and export it in a CSV/Excel sheet to manually analyze the logs. The temperature development and the curing time are analyzed to gain concrete maturity and insights into the concrete strength.

The challenge? You are not able to follow the curing and react proactive to challenges and know when your concrete has finished curing.

Benefits of a concrete maturity system

By enabling your concrete temperature in real-time with a smart system and combining that with a data analysis solution such as Maturix, you are able not just to monitor the concrete temperature in real-time, but also have PDF reports ready in real-time and can display the data directly on dashboards.

Temperature is measured directly inside the concrete structure using industry-standard Type K Thermocouples connected to a Maturix transmitter. The transmitter measures temperature every 10 minutes and sends the data wirelessly through a gateway (optional) to the cloud.

The online software calculates the concrete maturity and strength based on the principle of Concrete Maturity. The user can then access the data from a smartphone or computer in the Web Portal in real-time – without having to be on-site!

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