Type K Thermocouple.

Type K Thermocouples

Versatile and cost-effective concrete temperature sensor

The Type K Thermocouples are sensors that measure temperature at the cable’s tip and are intended for concrete temperature and strength monitoring. You’ll firstly have to install the thermocouple and then connect it to a Maturix transmitter, after which the temperature data will be sent continuously to the cloud.

Type K Thermocouple.

Product versions

Type K thermocouple.

Ready-to-use sensors

Type K thermocouple sensor, ready-to-use (prepared with connector and tip protector)

Available lengths:
Type K Thermocouple cable roll and connectors for self-assembly.

Self-assembly parts

Type K thermocouple cable roll and connectors, for self-assembly

Available parts:
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The Type K Thermocouples are sensors that measure temperature at the cable’s tip and are intended for concrete temperature and strength monitoring. You’ll firstly have to install the thermocouple and then connect it to a Maturix transmitter, after which the temperature data will be sent continuously to the cloud.

The cable consists of two durable conductors. It is insulated with PTFE (Teflon), which has excellent abrasion, flame, and humidity resistance. The cable is designed to be both strong and highly flexible; therefore, it is suitable for multiple purposes. The connector is the standard male type K miniature with flat pins that allow easy transmitter connection.

Available thermocouples

Type K thermocouples are simple to use, versatile, and cost-effective temperature sensors, therefore ideal for concrete monitoring. Our thermocouples are available as ready-to-use sensors (1m / 3m / 5m / 10m) or as parts for self-assembly (100m cable roll and connectors).

Compatible transmitters

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Temperature Measurements

Range-25 to 125 °C (-13 to 257 °F) 1
Tolerance±1.5 °C (±2.7 °F)
Thermocouple ClassClass 1


Use and Storage


-25 to 125 °C (-13 to 257 °F) 1

Ideal Storage Conditions

Indoor, 20 to 30 °C (68 to 86 °F)


Mechanical Specifications

Cable Length

Ready-to-use cables: 1, 3, 5, 10 meters
Self-assembly roll: 100 meter

Cable Shape

Flat pair

Cable Thickness2.5 x 1.5 mm (0.1 x 0.06 in)
Conductor Thickness

7/0.12, 0.2 mm²

Connector Dimensions (L x W x H)32 x 17 x 8 mm (1.26 x 0.67 x 0.31 in)
Connector TypeMiniature, type K, male, flat pins
MaterialsCable, conductors: Ni-Cr / Ni-Al
Cable, jacket: Teflon/PTFE (blue)
Cable, tip protector: Polyolefin (black)
Connector, ready-to-use: Nylon (yellow)
Connector, self-assembly: Nylon (green)

1 Can be extended to 250 °C without the tip protector. The tip must not be in contact with conducting materials like metals.

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  • What is the Orbit K?

    The Orbit K is an electronic device that records temperature and wirelessly sends it to the cloud. The temperature is measured using type K thermocouples and the readings can be viewed online in one of our web portals.

  • Do I need to be at the job site to access the data?

    No, you can access temperature and strength readings from your computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. After installing the equipment, you gain the flexibility to monitor temperature and strength development online in real-time, providing valuable insights remotely.

  • How is the data transferred to the cloud?

    The device transmits temperature readings wirelessly to the cloud using the Sigfox network. Sigfox is a global wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), known for its low power consumption and longer range compared to WiFi and Bluetooth®. You can set up a Sigfox Gateway at your job site to create coverage – even at remote locations.

  • How is the installation done?

    Installation is quick and simple. Secure the thermocouple to the rebar, connect it to the Orbit K, and place the transmitter at a secure location. When a thermocouple is connected, the Orbit K transmits data every 10 minutes automatically.

  • What is embedded in the concrete?

    Only the inexpensive thermocouple is embedded in the concrete. The transmitter is mounted next to the cast and can be reused repeatedly. This provides excellent flexibility and helps maintain low costs per monitoring.

  • What is the battery lifetime of Orbit K?

    The battery lifetime depends on the usage and the conditions. When the thermocouple is inserted 24/7, the battery lifetime is up to 8 months before it needs to be sent to service. We guarantee 20.000 measurements or 8 months operation (whichever comes first).

  • How many Orbit K do I need?

    This depends on the project. The Orbit K is a single-channel transmitter, which means that you can connect one thermocouple per device. Consider the amount of monitoring positions you will need to measure (at the same time) and you know how many devices you will need.

  • How do I change the batteries in the Orbit K?

    You can’t change or replace the batteries in the Orbit K yourself. The Orbit K transmitter contains high-quality, industrial lithium batteries, which are non-rechargeable and non-replaceable.

    We can help swap the batteries in your devices to new and fresh cells. Contact your reseller regarding battery service.

  • Is the Orbit K waterproof?

    Yes, the Maturix™ transmitter is dust- and waterproof.

  • Which thermocouples can I use with Gaia 200?

    You can use Type K thermocouples with Gaia 200.

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Part No.NameDescription

Ready-to-Use Sensors
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31001-01031001-010Thermocouple, type K, 1 meter - Pack of 10 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31001-10031001-100Thermocouple, type K, 1 meter - Pack of 100 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31003-01031003-010Thermocouple, type K, 3 meter - Pack of 10 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31003-05031003-050Thermocouple, type K, 3 meter - Pack of 50 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31005-00531005-005Thermocouple, type K, 5 meter - Pack of 5 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31005-02531005-025Thermocouple, type K, 5 meter - Pack of 25 piecesReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31010-00131010-001Thermocouple, type K, 10 meter - 1 pieceReady-to-use sensor
Type-K-Thermocouple-Ready-To-Use-250px-31010-01031010-010Thermocouple, type K, 10 meter - Pack of 10 piecesReady-to-use sensor


Self-Assembly Parts



Thermocouple, type K, 100 meter wireCable roll for self-assembly


Thermocouple Connector, type K, custom connector

Miniature type K male connector

Heat-Shrink Tubing, 10 meters

Shrinkable plastic tube to insulate thermocouple tip
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