Maturix intelligent sensor: Gaia 200

Maturix Service Plan

Service Plan to Enhance and Prolong Your Gaia's Performance

Enhance your Gaia’s performance with our specialized service plan. Designed for precision and reliability, the plan includes annual calibrations, an extended hardware warranty, and comprehensive care including testing, cleaning, and repairs. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic renewals and easy management through the Maturix platform, ensuring your Gaia operates at its best.

Maturix intelligent sensor: Gaia 200

Precision Calibration and Quality Assurance

Our service plan begins with an annual calibration of your Gaia unit, ensuring precision at critical temperatures (-10°C, 20°C, and 60°C). Each unit is meticulously tested against UKAS/DANARK calibrated equipment. If your unit doesn’t meet our exacting standards, we provide a replacement at no extra cost.

Extended Hardware Warranty

Our extended warranty is at the heart of the service plan. It covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage conditions, ensuring your device is protected against manufacturing flaws.

Comprehensive Care and Maintenance

Easy Management and Renewal

The renewal process for our service plan is streamlined and user-friendly. Automatic renewal ensures continuous coverage, and all details are easily accessible on the Maturix platform. For annual calibration claims, simply redeem your service voucher on our platform.

For full terms and details of the service plan, click here.

Why choose Maturix?

It is the most cost-efficient and advanced concrete monitoring solution for precast

Gain insights into the curing status

The solution provides real-time insights into the concrete curing process. Use data to adjust your schedule and optimise the workflow.

Boost productivity

Shorten the cycles of precast elements based on data monitored directly in the elements. Cut down redundant waiting time while reducing the risk of slippage.

Automatic documentation

All data is stored in the cloud for easy access and documentation. Reports and statistics enable further optimisation of cycles, heating and concrete mixes.

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