Orbit 3

Orbit 3

Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Ambient Climate Monitoring

Orbit 3 in Black Silicon

-30 to 50 °C (-22 to 122 °F)

Reading range

±0.3 °C (±0.54 °F)

Measurement accuracy

Technical Drawing of Orbit 3

Ambient Climate Sensor

Technical Drawing of Orbit 3

Orbit 3 is a wireless sensor for ambient temperature and humidity monitoring. Install the Orbit 3 at a suitable location and it will wirelessly transmit temperature and humidity readings continuously.
The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud and accessible in real-time and remotely through the web platform. Make data-based decisions and keep updated with customizable alarms. Automatic documentation makes it an easy to use yet powerful monitoring tool.
It can be used in precast factories, in concrete laboratories, on-site – or wherever ambient climate creates value for you.


Ambient Climate Monitoring made simple

Remote 24/7 Data Collection

The temperature and humidity data is sent wirelessly to the cloud and accessible anywhere through the browser software.

Data-Based Decisions

Monitor the climate and with alarms and know when to take action with informed decisions based on the real-time temperature and humidity data.

Automatic Documentation

The monitored data can be easily exported and saved in downloadable reports for effortless automatic digital documentation.


Orbit 3

Long-range wireless communication using IoT network

Replaceable and universal AA batteries

Accurate wireless sensor for ambient conditions

Easy installation and use

Low power consumption


Orbit 3

Orbit 3 and battery change

How It Works?

Easy Set-up

Orbit 3 in Orange Silicon

Install the Orbit 3 at a suitable location – protected from direct rain and sunlight for accurate measurements.

Sensohive App Mockup

Access the data from anywhere using the web platform and follow the monitored data in real-time.


Orange/Black Silicone Cases

Additional Information


Temperature Measurements

Range-30 to 50 °C (-22 to 122 °F)
Tolerance±0.3 °C (±0.54 °F)
Resolution±0.1 °C (±0.18 °F)

Humidity Measurements

Range0 to 100 %RH 1
Tolerance±2 %RH
Resolution±0.1 %RH


Data Transmissions

Transmission Interval

Measurements: Once every hour 2
Downlink: Once every week
MeasurementFour readings per transmission
Tap Functionality (Manual transmission)Yes




RC1, RC2, RC7 (Sigfox Ready, Class 0)


Wireless Signal Range (using Sigfox Gateway)

Up to 3 km (1.86 mi) 3


Use and Storage


-30 to 50 °C (-22 to 122 °F)


0 to 100 %RH 1

Ideal Storage Conditions

Indoor, 20 to 30 °C (68 to 86 °F)


Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (Ø x H)

75.3 x 24.6 mm (2.96 x 0.97 in)


52 g (1.83 oz)

MaterialsABS plastic (grey)
Battery Type

2 x AA, 1.5 V alkaline/lithium 4

LEDSingle color LED
IP RatingIP33 5




CE, Radio Equipment Directive (RED), RoHS


Compatible Software


Maturix® Precast
Sensohive App
Direct integration (hardware-only)

Download Data sheet


What is the Orbit 3 and how does it work?

The Orbit 3 is a wireless sensor to monitor temperature and relative humidity in the ambient air. 

How does the data transfer work?

The data is transferred wirelessly with the IoT network Sigfox through nearby antennas or gateways.

How can I access the data?

Just login to the web platform with any web browser – no need to download the software beforehand!

Can I set alarms?

Yes! Set up alarms and get notifications through SMS or email when a certain threshold has been reached!

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