Intelligent Real-time Concrete Monitoring

Gaining insights into the concrete curing and drying process – with live data monitored directly inside the structure. Wireless devices send the data to the cloud and it is accessible from anywhere. 

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Why Maturix?

Know Exactly How Your Concrete Is Doing

Better Scheduling

Exact insights into the concrete behavior allows to adjust the timeline based on real-time data. This provides deep knowledge about the status - saving time and money.

Remote Data Collection

Follow the results form anywhere at anytime: Wireless sensors send the data to the cloud and you can access the data from any device with internet regardless of your location.

Automatic Documentation

All monitored data is automatically saved as online reports to share export and download for automatic digital documentation and quality assurance reporting.


Real-Time Solutions for Concrete Monitoring With Wireless Sensors

Concrete Knowledge Center

All You Need to Know About Concrete Curing and Drying


Rugged Concrete Sensors

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Example Case Study

Karla Tower - Tallest Building in Scandinavia

Karla Tower uses Maturix

The Karla Tower is currently being built in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is going to be the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia and the high-rise building is to be finished in two years. The 245 m high building offers space for 594 apartments and hotels. The construction is based on 58 piles with 2m diameter, anchored about 60 meters down through mud and rocks. The tallest building in Scandinavia is definitely a challenge in itself.

“Maturix provides us with insights we otherwise would not have gained – the flexibility of the application and the user-friendly usage convinced us.”

Magnus Eckert
Magnus EckertProduction Manager
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