Intelligent and real-time
concrete monitoring

Maturix® as the Most Innovative Product 2020 by expert's choice!

Maturix Suitcase with Transmitter


A complete solution giving you complete insight

Maturix® is a simple solution for monitoring the concrete hardening process live.

Durable hardware, simple online software and true wireless connectivity all combined into an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool.

Maturix® uses the principle of Concrete Maturity and measures the concrete temperature and automatically estimates the concrete maturity and strength – to be followed online at any time!




Know how your concrete is actually curing

Better scheduling

The strength development in the concrete structure is predicted and the curing time estimated. This provides deep knowledge about the status - saving time and money.

Automatic documentation

All data (temperature history, concrete maturity, strength development, etc.) are automatically saved as cast reports online for Quality Assurance purposes.

Remote data collection

Using wireless transmitters, the world's leading global IoT network, Sigfox, and an online platform, you are able to follow the results from anywhere at anytime.

"Maturix is really exciting, as it uses live data. We can monitor the development from the office, from the car or wherever. Maturix offers a new way to do this and it saves a lot of time and money!"
Marius Røksland
Quality Manager, Kruse Smith
“I can access my data from anywhere in the world. That’s the beauty about it!”
Gregory Pereira
Materials Control Coordinator, SCP Geotek


Follow the curing status online

Concrete Casting onsite

Maturix® IN-SITU

Monitor all of your projects and casts with ease

Maturix Precast Login

Maturix® PRECAST

Enable efficient manufacturing of your concrete elements


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