Real-time monitoring of concrete

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Real-time monitoring of concrete

Maturix is a groundbreaking tool enabling efficient manufacturing of concrete elements.

Maturix provides real-time monitoring of any element in the production, production reports for improved documentation, and analytics and statistics giving deep insight into your production on a daily basis.

Maturix offers a full solution to digitalize and optimize your concrete production.

Real-time analysis

Our intelligent wireless sensors provide real-time strength analysis of concrete elements.

Reduce risk of failure

With a system from Maturix you can expect a reduction in fails due to early demolding.

Increased production output

Know the exact curing time and spend the previous waiting time to produce more products.

Access and follow the maturing process everywhere

We offer an easy solution to get data visible for you. Access all data directly on a dashboard everywhere – on both mobile, tablet and PC.

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Why Maturix?

  • Real-time strength analysis of elements
  • Reduction in fails due to too early demolding
  • Remove excess waiting time during curing
  • Increase production output
  • Decrease manufacturing costs

Intelligent wireless sensor

Monitor any concrete element

Orbit K


  • RED Directive Compliant
  • CE Marked
  • External Component Control
    • Full Traceability
    • Component Testing
  • Internal Quality Control
    • Single Unit Testing
    • Calibration & Operational Test
  • Measurement Range: -270 to 1260 °C (External)
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 50 °C
Bring your production into Industry 4.0 with Maturix