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CCL optimizes schedule with real-time insights

CCL Warwick University
CCL Warwick University

“Using the Maturix system can give an accurate, real-time indication of the concrete strength“

Luke Kani ZihniSenior Precast Engineer, CCL
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The world-known Warwick University in England is growing over the next five years  including a new Faculty of Arts Building. The 8 story building provides up to 15.000 m2 floor space for research, teaching, office and social space purposes. The design is created by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios architects and constructed by Bowmer + Kirkland. CCL has been engaged to develop a solution to replace the steel beams using concrete, thus converting reinforced slabs to post-tensioned ones.


Keeping the schedule is always key on extensive construction projects. This is a challenge especially for parts of the construction, where a specific strength is required to continue with the following working steps. The strength development depends on many factors and knowing exactly how far the concrete is in the curing cycle is a helpful insight, particularly when following working steps need to be aligned.

CCL has been hired to replace steel beams with post-tensioned ones. The aim is to reduce cost and material consumption as less material is required when using post-tensioning.

Key Challenges

Before Maturix

Before CCL integrated the maturity system, test specimens were used to mimic the concrete curing process of elements on site. However, this approach only allowed them to gain insights into the retro perspective and did not accurately reflect the same curing behavior as in the large elements on site. Their common practice has been to cast several additional test cubes per element to then do compression tests in an external lab. The additional work has been time-consuming and the measured compression strengths did differ from the actual element on site.


With Maturix  and real-time monitoring of the strength development, CCL knows exactly when they could start with the post tensioning process. This insight gives them the ability to optimize their schedules and reduce redundant waiting time. As CCL could reduce the amount of test specimens, less manual work is needed on site. The real-time insight enhances CCL’s ability to coordinate tasks efficiently and maintain the integrity of the concrete.

With alarms, the workers are automatically updated via SMS and/or email and the status can be checked in the web platform from a computer or smartphone.

The option to add an unlimited number of users to the software further allowed CCL to enhance the communication between the workers on-site, the project managers and the concrete quality team.

Key Benefits

Post tensioning with Maturix


With the real-time insight into the curing process, the contractor could optimize the time of the post-tensioning. Based on the monitored data, the CCL team is confident that the required strength has been reached and that they can start with the post-tensioning without any risk of damage.
CCL could reduce the number of additional test specimens they cast and save manual work and time, while real-time insight is provided.
Overall, CCL uses Maturix as a tool to improve the project management on-site, as they can optimize their schedule based on real-time measurements. As they are specialized in the time-sensitive post-tensioning method, they save a lot of manual work otherwise needed to gain insight into the curing process.

Key Results

CCL Warwick University
CCL Warwick University

”With built-in features such as SMS notifications and predicted curing times, the system reduces reliance on the costly use of the conventional cube test methods of compression crushing to determine the strength at a certain point in time, delivering cost savings and eliminating a number of risk factors to improve build quality and reduce future maintenance costs.”

Luke Kani ZihniSenior Precast Engineer, CCL
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