A large concrete square being placed in construction site


In the following years, the area between Åboulevard, Bülowsvej, and Rolighedsvej in Copenhagen will be transformed into a new urban campus with housing, a sports hall, a school, and a green area. The construction started in 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2027.

As part of the companies contracted for this project, Arkil is responsible for re-routing a wastewater pipeline so that a parking garage could be built under the future Bycampus in Copenhagen.

The vision is to create a green, vibrant and open urban campus, where it is wonderful to live, go to school, study, research, play sports, and where all residents can meet in beautiful, green surroundings.

Arkil chose to use Maturix on the Bycampus project. With the help of our solution, Arkil can document and control the quality of their concrete structures without being physically on site to comply with all the set concrete quality requirements.