Construction of E39 a Norwegian highway project.

Highway E39

The E39 is a 1100 km long highway along the Norwegian coast. Today, it takes around 21 hours to drive this route including seven ferry crossings. With the ongoing E39 project, it is going to be possible to drive the whole distance in 13 hours without the need of using a ferry. That is why the project is also known as Ferry Free E39 as many ferries are being replaced by tunnels and bridges.

Kruse Smith is responsible for concrete work of 19 km between Kristiansand West to Mandal East with 8 dual lane bridges and other additional smaller constructions.

Maturix solution provides Kruse Smith with an end-to-end tool for concrete strength monitoring. By using thermocouples that are cast directly in the structure and connected to a transmitter, the temperature inside the concrete is measured continuously. The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software automatically calculates maturity and strength based on the history data and the concrete mix and the strength development process can be followed.