Bagsværd Bridge

Bridge construction in Denmark

Bridge by Paschal.
Bridge by Paschal.

Monitoring the concrete curing process at a bridge project, such as the Bagsværd bridge, is essential to optimise the formwork removal time. Traditional test specimens can not accurately reflect the in-place curing behaviour of the concrete. Additionally, the weather conditions highly influence the curing process. Using wireless sensors enables faster formwork removal based on data.


The curing process of bridges needs special attention, as it is influenced strongly by external factors such as wind, weather or heating sources. As the bridge itself has to have a certain required strength before the formwork can be removed and other following working steps can be started, it is important to ensure that a certain strength has been reached before proceeding.

Key Challenges


Using Maturix provides Zacho-Lind with direct insights into the curing process of the on-site structure. The contractor installed three Maturix transmitters to monitor at three different positions (e.g. centre, edge and joint) to follow the strength development in real-time.
The software shows the temperature development and the estimated strength based on the measurements from the sensors. Additional software features such as automatic documentation and alarm setting allow keeping an overview of what happens on-site.

Key Benefits

Strength graph for bridge project.


Having real-time insight into the concrete curing process enabled Zacho-Lind to plan better, act according to data, and in the end, remove the formwork faster to save time and money.  The data allowed Zacho-Lind to determine the optimal formwork removal time.
The measurements showed that they were able to remove the formwork after seven days instead of the expected 14 days. The high time saving enabled Zachlo-Lind to cut down rental costs for equipment drastically.

Key Results

Bridge paschal
Bridge by Paschal.

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Established in 1934, Zacho-Lind is one of the most reputable and well-consolidated companies in the Danish Zealand area in construction. The contractor carries out construction projects for public and private builders in a wide range of work areas.

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