The Largest Precast Factory in the Nordics

Contiga Precast Factory
Contiga Precast Factory

“The Maturix system makes sure to keep me updated. I can follow the process and don’t have to calculate again and again!”

	 Jakob Rune Jacobsen
Jakob Rune JacobsenLaboratory Manager, Contiga A/S
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Contiga is a total supplier of consulting, drawing, statics, production and assembly of concrete elements for more than 30 years and provides total solutions with a focus on quality and flexibility.
Contiga uses Orbit K sensors for temperature and strength monitoring of their precast elements as well as Orbit 3 sensors to monitor the ambient climate.


For the precast company Contiga monitoring the temperature, strength and maturity development of each precast concrete element has been a manual and time-consuming task before using Maturix: All data had to be entered, read and processed manually and the insights were only available after the calculation was finished. Particular pre-tensioned concrete elements are a challenge in a precast factory: If an element has not reached the required strength and is processed, wire slippage occurs and the element is ruined. If the element cures for too long, unnecessary waiting time reduces efficiency.

Key Challenges


Using Maturix on a daily basis enables Contiga to get real-time insights into each precast element or bed. By integrating the Maturix sensors, a basis for the data-driven decision is enabled.

Using Maturix transmitters they measure and monitor the concrete temperature with all the surrounding influences and external effects.

In contrast to the traditional method of using data loggers and manual data collection together with several break tests, Contiga gets exact data from our sensors to always know the predicted strength of their concrete elements.
As they measure temperature with the cables directly inside the structure, they gain reliable data about the internal curing process in real-time which has not been possible before.

To ensure excellent coverage throughout the entire factory and all of Contiga’s production halls, one Sigfox gateway has been installed outdoor on their mixing tower. This allows the system to work anywhere in their plant, giving flexibility and ensuring connectivity.

The Maturix software provides Contiga with insights to improve their productivity while reducing the risk of slippage. Most importantly, the insights are based on facts. With real-time insight and knowledge about the curing process and strength development of the produced concrete elements, Contiga can act accordingly and proactively.

Key Benefits

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Contiga uses Maturix on a daily basis. Since they have started monitoring the strength development of their precast elements, they have reduced their risk of damage and the resulting waste from slippage drastically while increasing their capacity. Gaining insights into the curing process in real-time enabled them to optimize their concrete mix and reduce their break tests at the same time. The available dashboards and automatic documentation make Maturix further a valuable digitalization tool.

On average they have reduced the average production time for each element by more than 15%. For each monitored element, they cut down the curing time: the curing time of a hollow core element has been reduced on average from 10 hours to 7,9 hours and the curing time of a wall element has been shortened from 12 hours to 9,5 hours.

Further, waste due to slippage errors caused by insufficient curing are eliminated.

Based on the continous measurements, Contiga could further optimize their energy costs through the integration of their heating system.

Key Results

Contiga Precast Factory
Contiga Precast Factory
“The Maturix system is extremely flexible and user-friendly!”
	 Klaus Haugsted
Klaus HaugstedConcrete Specialist, Contiga A/S
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About Contiga A/S

Contiga, based in Tinglev, Denmark, is a precast factory with the largest total production capacity in one factory in the Nordic region with more than 35,000 m² of production halls. They produce and deliver weekly 10,000 m² wall elements, 10,000 m² hollow slabs, 400-600 m beams, 400-600 m columns and they are driven by high-quality standards and thus strongly emphasize quality assurance. Contiga is a total supplier of consulting, drawing, statics, production and assembly of concrete elements for more than 30 years and provides total solutions with a focus on quality and flexibility.

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