E39 - Norwegian Highway

Largest Infrastructure Project in Norway

The E39 is a 1100 km long highway along the Norwegian coast. Today, it takes around 21 hours to drive this route including seven ferry crossings. With the ongoing E39 project, it is going to be possible to drive the whole distance in 13 hours without the need of using a ferry. That is why the project is also known as Ferry Free E39 as many ferries are being replaced by tunnels and bridges.

The highway  is currently being built to improve the infrastructure between Kristiansand in the south and Trondheim, in the north of Norway. It is an extensive project with many bridges to build a four-lane highway: The project with 1100km in length, has been started in 2018 and the whole roads are scheduled to be opened in 2022.

The project is an innovation pioneer: modern technology replaces paper plans and smart tech is used to boost efficiency on- site. Our client Kruse Smith has started to use the Maturix system as part of the Eurostar Project and is now, together with many other construction companies, working on the extensive infrastructure project.

Kruse Smith is responsible for concrete work of 19 km between Kristiansand West to Mandal East with 8 dual lane bridges and other additional smaller constructions. 


The entire project is scheduled for completion in early 2022 – good time management and well thought-through processes are required to successfully complete the project and meet the deadline within the strict schedule.

Deep fjords, high mountains and a harsh climate – these are challenges for infrastructure construction on the Norwegian coast.

For this extensive infrastructure project, resource coordination and time management are crucial. Project management is demanding, as resources must be optimally distributed among the sites to maintain efficiency and productivity, while natural environmental and weather conditions pose a challenge.

e39 Kruse smith
e39 Kruse smith
e39 Kruse smith


  • Large project demanding enormous micromanagement
  • Extreme nature and environment on-site
  • High influence of unpredictable weather conditions on concrete curing as well as overall construction project
  • Break tests with test specimen do not 100% reflect the actual curing
    in the structure and are a time-consuming task
"The project timing is intensive - but it has to be when you're doing bridges!"
Marius Røksland
Quality Team, Kruse Smith
E39 Maturix Sensor
“Before Maturix, we planned, adjusted and decided mainly based on our experience - leading to rather conservative decisions. Now, we can work and ensure safety based on data - and safe time and money.”
Asbjørn Stålesen
Project Leader, Kruse-Smith


The Maturix In-situ solution provides Kruse Smith with an end-to-end tool for concrete strength monitoring.
By using thermocouples that are cast directly in the structure and connected to a transmitter, the temperature inside the concrete is measured continuously. The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud platform. The software automatically calculates maturity and strength based on the history data and the concrete mix and the strength development process can be followed. The data is accessible from any device via the web portal or app and provides Kruse Smith with real-time insights into the actual curing status inside the structure in several positions for each cast.

Thus, the Quality Team of Kruse Smith, always knows exactly how the concrete is curing and if they have to adjust the project management on-site according to data. With the smart solution, they have access to the data from anywhere using Maturix. Alarms and automatic documentation ensure quality control and Marius Røksland from the Quality Team is convinced by the easiness to install and use the system:

"Using the Maturix system is very intuitive and easy. I have been working with Maturix for almost a year I find it easy to use and it makes my quality control much faster than before I had Maturix to help me. It saves me a ton of work and time both in terms of collecting data and managing data."
Marius Røksland
Quality Team, Kruse Smith
E39 Maturix Sensor
e39 Kruse smith
Cast report example


By using Maturix Kruse Smith improved their quality management by ensuring that the required strength has been reached with minimal effort in installing the Maturix transmitters and user-friendly handling in the software. The micromanagement of the largest infrastructure project in Norway is eased and insights into the real-time curing status enables a proactive approach. Automatic reports and the digital documentation required for this innovative project are another advantage, Kruse Smith gained from using Maturix.

        • Keeping the overview of real-time curing status 
        • Optimizing workflows and micromanagement based on data
        • Concrete monitoring solution with extensive features
E39 Kruse smith uses maturix




"In terms of the size of the project and the distinct weather conditions we have in Norway makes the E39 highway project very challenging. Adapting project schedules continuously and aligning the workflow is key to the success of this project.

Maturix convinced us with its precision and it’s easy implementation - and we are now using the system for many of our projects to follow the curing and taking key decisions based on data. The monitoring directly in the structure gives us safety while we can keep up with the schedule and ensure delivery on time.”
Asbjørn Stålesen​
Project Leader, Kruse-Smith​

Videos about the E39 Coastal Highway Route project

About E39 Project

The Coastal Highway Route E39-project is the largest infrastructure project in modern Norwegian history. With 1100 km connecting Norway from Kristiansand to Trondheim, the project is challenged by Norway’s landscape and weather conditions. The project is ongoing and is planned to be finished in Spring 2022.

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About Kruse Smith

Kruse Smith is a solid, innovative and forward-looking entrepreneurial and housing group with a national impact field. Kruse Smith is a family business with around 800 employees founded in 1935. The Group’s primary market is southern Norway but its activities extend across the country. Together with Kruse Smith, DTU and NTNU we are taking part in the Eurostar project.