Launch of Gaia Series

Gaia200 & Gaia220

Designed for concrete innovation:
Gaia 200 & Gaia 220

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest Gaia series.
The improved series convinces with even better durability and an integrated battery hatch for easy exchange of the batteries.

The new series has been designed for extreme durability. With the resistant cover and rubber frame, it is dust resistant and waterproof and with the integrated battery hatch at the back, the users can easily exchange the batteries themselves, leading to an extended lifetime of the devices.

Both transmitters require a probe for concrete monitoring. The Gaia 200 monitors concrete temperature and uses an industry-standard thermocouple whereas the Gaia 220 provides insights into the relative humidity status and has to be used with a CMP5000 humidity probe.
The series continues to transmit the data wirelessly using the IoT network Sigfox enabling real-time insights into the data from anywhere in the web portal.

Bring concrete monitoring to the next level
- Gaia 200

Gaia 200 transmitter.

The Gaia 200 is an improved version of the Orbit K. The device has been used for temperature and strength monitoring in more than 360 projects in 2020.
It measures and monitors the concrete temperature inside a concrete structure externally using an industry-standard type K thermocouple. It can be used for temperature, maturity, and strength monitoring in fresh concrete. The data is used for optimizing the formwork removal time on-site, shortening cycles with optimized demoulding times at precast factories, and for monitoring the temperature development of mass concrete to ensure great product quality.

Monitoring relative humidity with ease
- Gaia 220

Gaia 220

The Gaia 220 is a new transmitter to monitor relative humidity inside a (concrete) structure.

The Gaia 220 works together with the matching CMP5000 probe. The humidity probe enables accurate monitoring of relative humidity and has an integrated Anti-Drift-System for long-term usage.

The device can be used for monitoring moisture and relative humidity inside a structure in freshly cast concrete and also for monitoring in already hardened concrete.
The transmitter measures the humidity level continuously and sends the data to the cloud using nearby antennas or gateways. The data is then accessible from anywhere through the web portal. It is aimed at using it on-site to adjust the timing of the flooring, coating, or coverings and to measure the moisture content after an e.g. water-pipe burst to know if further dehumidification is needed.

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